Perseus vs. Clash of Titans

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Perseus vs. Clash of the Titans
“There are gods and there are men, but there are those like us who walk in between” (Io, Clash of the Titans). Legends of demigods, part-man and part-god, had been passed down since the ancient times. Extraordinary feats of courage and strength were always shown in each story, but one stands greater than the rest. It is about a boy who was cast into sea and lived; a boy who lived his life as a fisherman; a boy who grew up to be the man that killed Medusa, Perseus. There are many differences between the myth and the movie, specifically that Hades is not a villain, Acrisius and Danae are father and daughter, and Io has nothing to do with Perseus. As well as a few similarities, like Perseus saving Andromeda.

In the movie, Hades is antagonistic towards the other gods, as well as humankind. He seeks to overthrow Zeus, dresses in all black, and is pretty much Voldemort with a beard. In the myths, Hades is the most fair, just, and politically neutral of all the gods. He never actively tries to kill people, as he is just a ruler of the dead, not its messenger. Death is personified as Thanatos. As for Hades’ appearance, the ancient Greeks believed gems and minerals came from Hades’ domain (the underground). So the god was often depicted as very wealthy. Also, in the myth of Perseus, Hades actually lets him borrow his helmet of invisibility.

In the movie, King Acrisius rebelled against the gods and tried to attack Olympus. So Zeus decided to be tricky and impregnate Queen Danae, resulting in the conception of Perseus. Zeus later struck down Acrisius with a lightning bolt and Hades turned him into a demon and sent him to kill Perseus. Perseus cut off his hand and his blood spawned scorpions. Eventually, he was killed by Perseus. In the myths, Danae was actually King Acrisius’ daughter, not his wife. Motivated by a prophecy that his grandson would one day cause his death, Acrisius locked his daughter in a tower so she could never...
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