Performance Management Plan

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Performance Management Plan
Adryenne Valenzuela
January 19, 2015
Olia Bartley
HRM 521

Hi Tracy, below is the information about the performance management plan you requested for Marylee Luther. Please let me know if there is anything else you need for Ms. Luther this week. Alignment of performance management framework

Performance management is important in a business. It will be in Ms. Luther’s best interest if she uses this performance management plan as management tool to help improve the strategic decisions people make everyday. A performance management plan is basically a set of different management approaches that allow businesses to define and execute their strategy while measuring and monitoring the performance of the employees. A performance management plan will help management in making strategic decisions, measuring performance, and reporting and reviewing performance. The employees should be provided with the proper training and education to be able to accomplish the job that is required of them.

A performance management plan is outlined as planning, monitoring, developing, rating, and rewarding (U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 2015). Planning includes working in advance so that the company and expectations and can be set Monitoring the progress of the employee and task as well as monitoring the performance of the employee Developing the employee’s ability to perform through trainings and work that is assigned to the employee Rating the employee periodically to be able to summarize the type of performance the employee is giving on the job Rewarding the performance of the employee, provided the performance is good (U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 2015) Since Ms. Luther is adding 20% more employees in Arizona on top of the 650 that currently work for the company, the performance management will be important. The reason being, Ms. Luther will be able to monitor how the new employees are doing on the job, based on the development and rate the employee receives from his or her supervisor. Organization performance philosophy

According to Margolis 2015, “the organizational philosophy may be one be value or a small set of values. Many values feel important, but the organizational philosophy is only the value or values that are fundamental, distinguishing and enduring to the organization.” (para. 1) The organization performance philosophy is an outline of setting performance expectations and goals for management and their employees to provide their best efforts in achieving organizational objectives. The organizational performance philosophy directs the behavior across the organization and helps the employees to guide their decisions and daily actions (Margolis, 2015). The management at Clapton Commercial Construction will need to manage their construction workers at a high level of professionalism. Management will have to fully train the newly hired employees to ensure company goals will be met in a timely manner. The organization performance philosophy includes “planning” in the performance management plan. By using Clapton Commercial Construction’s philosophy, management will be able to determine whether the expectations and company goals are being met. The employees should be involved in the planning process because this will help the employees to understand why the goals at Clapton Commercial Construction are important. This helps the employees to understand what needs to be done as well as why it needs to be. The main factors that influence the organizational performance philosophy include, Supporting the organizational goals

Addressing performance planning through setting performance goals Addressing goal setting at the individual level
Addressing goals for group performance
Offering suggestions to avoid any pitfalls in the plan
Leadership is extremely important an organization’s performance philosophy because the company leaders are role...
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