Performance Management

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Most organisations we talk to say that they are “Performance Driven”, and if this means setting targets, they are right. However, often these same businesses are very poor at monitoring and managing performance – allowing performance “gaps” to grow to the point where desperate actions are required.

The definition of Performance Management also varies between organisations:

Some see it as another term for “individual appraisal”, whilst others recognise it as a process for measuring and managing performance at every organisational level.

Some see it as the hard, quantitative, operational set of measures that define “what we must achieve”, others recognise the value of a “balanced scorecard” of measures that includes the softer, qualitative, developmental “how” dimensions.

Some think only about the negative aspects associated with managing poor performance - others see the potential for recognising good performance and coaching for improvement.

For some organisations, a focus on “hard” targets at individual level, might work in the short-term, but there is no doubt that sustaining competitive performance over time requires a broader, more balanced view.


At Wadenhoe we have developed an expanded “scorecard” of measurement areas, which can be used to help organisations in the definition and implementation of performance measures across all parts of their business and at all levels.

Once defined, we can provide advise and development on how these measures can be used to monitor performance at strategic, operational and individual level, in order to achieve business goals.

Finally, we have an excellent track record in developing the leadership and management behaviours that capitalise on every performance coaching opportunity and, where appropriate handle poor performance.


You will have clearly defined and interlinked performance measures for every aspect of business activity at...
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