Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports
Estevan Pena
February 28, 2013

February 28, 2013

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports
Athletic competition has been a part of our society since the beginning of time. Although, professional athletes are fully equipped and good enough to play in professional sports, many of these athletes feel pressured into using performance enhancing drugs to better their athletic skills in the sport. Throughout this essay, I will discuss the use of these drugs, and why I feel athletes should not use performance enhancing drugs in sports, as well as discussing the point of view made by the athlete including their reasoning why they choose to use performance enhancing drugs. How our laws are used to enforce the ban of illegal substances and how the laws affect the athletes. Since, athletes are in the public eye, their behavior affects children and adults who look up to them as role models.

Performance-enhancing drugs and the act known as “Doping,” have had a prolonged history in the Olympic games. However, several sports have been involved such as cycling, mixed martial arts, baseball and football. The World Anti-doping Agency is the organization that oversees the testing for the Olympics and several sports. Anabolic steroids, are the key substance that athletes use to violate ethics and laws to be superior amongst other athletes. Anabolic steroids are attractive to athletes and competitors because they increase the size and strength of muscles, inducing an unnatural boost in aggressiveness and competitiveness, which in sports are popular traits. The use of illegal substances in sports has been banned for legitimate reasons. Performance enhancing drugs carry a number of health risks and side effects. Some of the extreme examples of side effects of performance enhancing drugs are liver damage, impotence, increased aggressiveness, and as a result of withdrawal from performance enhancing drugs, depression and occasionally suicide (“Effects of PEDs”), just to name a few. Overall, use of these substances are dangerous, unethical and illegal and have no place in organized sports.

Radley Balko, a senior editor of, debated on the side of supporters that approve of the use of performance enhancing drugs, and brought to light a well thought out argument. He said, “Any world-class athlete subjects his body to stresses it wasn’t really designed to endure” (Balko). A prime example, a Professional Baseball player’s body is not designed to play 162+ games of baseball each year, but they subject them selves to this for the love of the game. Therefore, why should athletes be allowed to endure excessive stress and punishment of their body for their sport as well as for the entertainment of millions, but not be allowed to use something that is proven to increase their stamina and ability to perform better.

As with every controversial issue, there are both positive and negative point of views to each side. While I understand the previous argument, I feel that courage, determination, and natural skill are the traits that organized sports are built from. If an athlete is allowed to use performance enhancing drugs to make themselves faster or stronger, they have an advantage over the athletes who prefer not to put their health at risk and use their natural talent. Those who support the opposing argument might believe that this is the athlete’s choice to take or not take the performance enhancing drugs and if they don’t, it is no ones fault but their own. However, the athlete who chooses to play natural should not be pressured into using drugs that could affect their long term health just to keep up with those who do use them.

The life of a professional athlete is a desired one, but the pressure to perform and entertain will always be apparent. Through out the 20th century baseball was once seen as “America’s favorite pastime,”.  Intentionally or...
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