Perfection: Suicide and Low Quality Camera

Topics: Suicide, Bullying, Abuse Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: December 3, 2012

We all have those moments when we log onto Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc., and on our timelines we see all of those pictures of flawless people, and we automatically wish we looked like them. Those awful moments of low self-confidence, that instantly cause us to lie on the floor in a fetal position, and fall into a miserable vortex of insecurity, while whispering to the ceiling, "Why God, Why did you make me this way?!" 

With the help of a low quality camera, a few image filters and a bit of airbrush here and there, we can all look like Kim Kardashian. But the truth no living creature has the figure and the curves of a Barbie doll.

Speaking of Barbie, it already sets an impossible goal for children, that they may try to accomplish their whole life. It is impossible what so ever for a woman to have a tiny head with long, blonde hair, massive breasts, tiny waist and stick thin legs. A man can also try to look like Ken, with the world's most perfect abs and horribly sculptured legs, but hi efforts will be useless. The doll itself looks nice despite all of the subliminal messages it sends to children. It is true that we should look after our bodies and be as healthy as we can. It prevents some diseases and health problems. Some people are influenced to have a healthier lifestyle, which prevents some diseases and health problems

Getting back to the subject. Society is very judgmental. Nowadays, most children, teenagers and even adults judge people by their looks, not their personalities. I know you all do that sometimes, even if you know you shouldn't or you don't want to admit it. I will tell you that even I do that sometimes, unconsciously. But just take a moment and listen to me. Don't go and judge the chubby girl that sits all by herself at lunch, or the boy with the big scar on his face. What is she has an eating disorder? What if he was abused when he was small? You know their names, not their stories. How would you feel if you were in...
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