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Summary of “Touch It Up! The Art of Making ‘Beautiful People’” by Lia Trageser
The purpose of a dazzling magazine cover is to entice the individual viewing it. Portraits of models or actors on these cover are made to be flawless to give anyone inspecting it the sense of wanting to imitate that image and apply it to one’s self. Photos themselves are tweaked in every which way imaginable to support that idea of flawlessness. Observing an alluring photo cover makes people want spend money so they replicate what they see, but the photo itself is artwork edited to society’s interpretation of what a good-looking person should look like. Intense feelings are appealed by attractive portraits of your favorite actor or actress. You may even tell yourself, “If I follow these beauty guidelines from this magazine Scarlett Johansson is posing for, that person at work that I’m attracted to will definitely notice me” or be on the exact opposite side of that idea telling yourself, “Even with all these fashion products Johnny Depp is wearing, I can never look as good looking as he does on this photo cover.” In either scenario, these companies use that to their advantage to make millions of dollars selling you their beauty products or fitness gear on these glamorous magazine covers.

The sense of flawlessness when looking at a photo of a model is tempting, but we need to remember it’s not genuine. Most of the times these models or actresses don’t look anything like the photo when seen in person. Photographers use lighting and make-up artist enhance that perfect looking model or glamorous actress to make them appear that they have no bags under their eyes or

even trim some pounds off a photo to make that individual appear skinnier than what they actually are. Your typical beauty tip seeker would in most cases think that person in the picture eats right or gets proper sleep.

There is a sequential process when doing a magazine photo cover...
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