Percy Bysshe Shelley: A Comparative Analysis

Topics: Pollution, Waste, Recycling, Global warming, Earth, Ocean / Pages: 2 (411 words) / Published: Sep 24th, 2015
"We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to" -Terri Swearinger. This quote relates to both of these texts because it summarizes basically what these two texts show. The theme of these two texts are the same, they both talk about how people pollute the earth and hurt the environment everyday. Both texts, (Plastic: A Toxic Love Story) and "A Dirge" by Percy Bysshe Shelley, are trying to raise awareness for what's happening to our planet.

In Shelley's text, with the setting being outside in nature, it shows readers how the earth is affected. In "A Dirge" Shelley says, "Rough wind, that meanest loud" that shows the reader that the earth is sad and hurting because people are littering and polluting. Also, all of the beautiful beaches that people enjoy so much, are being harmed
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It tries to clean itself because of all the trash and litter. It's no use because no one will stop and the rain won't help all the trash. In Friekel's text, there is a lot of trash on Kehoe Beach, mainly plastics, from people littering, but there is a couple who makes art from trash to raise awareness to help stop littering on the beach.

From the text, people can infer that the author in "A Dirge" is very sad and emotionally passionate about the pollution of the earth by the way he makes the earth cry and moan in pain because it is sad that people are hurting it and polluting it. In Friekel's text, the narrator is concerned about people polluting the earth with trash. Within the two texts, people can infer that both authors are sad and concerned for the health of the earth from the pollution.

Terri Swearinger's quote shows how both these texts feel and what they relate too. People do not care how they treat their environment and where they live, but one day everyone will have have to face facts and suffer the consequences of those who

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