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PepsiCo-Lipton Case
Brand Re-introduction
Avinash Chaturvedi,147860

Problem Statement:
In a strategic move to expand its market share in ready-to-drink tea market category, Pepsi had decided to invest aggressively in its brand-Brisk. The challenge facing the top management of the companyMary Barnard, Vice President PepsiCo and Marison Tamaro, General Manager, Pepsi-Lipton partnership is to choose a suitable advertisement media for Brisk (Social Media or TV based approach) that would,  Reintroduce Brisk brand to male millennial and Hispanics.  Convince competitor’s customer base to switch to Brisk.  Build a fan base for the brand.

Situational analysis: the 5Cs of Marketing.
Situation Overview: First major campaign for Brisk was in 1996, when the company used a series of clay-themed animations of celebrities to promote its tagline- “That’s Brisk Baby!” After a decision to wrap up the Brisk campaign in 2002, the company is now (2010)aiming to re-introduce the Brisk brand. (i) Company

Product line Brisk brand is not a major bottom line contributor for PepsiCo and until recently Pepsi had not invested heavily on advertising campaigns for Brisk, but a 2010 analysis revealed that ready-to-drink tea was the fastest growing category in the liquid refreshment beverage industry and PepsiCo aimed to gain a major market share in this fast growing product segment. Brand Image

 Positioning Most of Brisk’s competitor build campaigns around health and wellness but Brisk chose to adopt brand strategy to project Brisk as “cool , edgy, and offering the potential to provide energy” to target new-age tea drinkers.

 Perception The Brisk brand was found to be not popular among the targeted young adults customer segment , a marketing research revealed that the customers associated the brand with a lot of negatives such as “Sugary”, “Fake”, “Artificial”. However, despite of these negative connotations people were familiar with Brisk tagline.

(ii) Collaborators
PepsiCo chose Mekanism as its advertising agency in the Brisk re-branding initiative, Mekanism has been contracted to create one TV commercial and subsequent support for social media campaign. The USPs of Mekanism are;

 Content syndication with “engineering virality”- average of 3.5 million views for viral videos created for previous clients.
 Technological capabilities and knowledge to use claymation (clay-themed animation) in Brisk campaign.
(iii). Customers
 Market Size Fastest growing in 2010 with an annual growth rate of 8 %, and a total revenue potential of 2.2 billion.
 Market Segment Millennial: Young-college male students (females likely to follow; even split gender demographics for ready-to-drink tea segment).Technically, Millenial is a term used to describe people who reach adulthood around the year 2000.

 Trends The demand for ready-to -rink drinks have been rising steadily over the past few years, awareness for health and wellness have cited as the major factors for the growing demand in the product segment

 Customer Information Channel TV (65%) and Internet (59%) are the major sources of information gathering for the customer segment.

(iv)Competitor Analysis The following table analyzes the market share and social media fan base with key competitors;

Market Share

FB Likes





(v) Context
Brisk lags behind its competitors in terms of fan base, social media indicators – FB likes, Twitter following etc show that its competitors are ahead in terms of brand loyalty. The PepsiCo brand is now strategizing to change that,


Global Presence
Resource Availability
Distribution Channels


Weak Social
Media Presence.


Lack of knowledge of
economics of social
media marketing


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