People Crying

Topics: Crying, Problem solving, Tears Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Mid-term Essay - Men crying - revise
Name: Bryan
Class: 6B
If your male friends are crying, what will you do? Laughing at him or trying to console him? John smith said that “in women, crying is excusable; however, in men, crying is a mark of weakness.” Nowadays, the society both allow men and women to cry. However, when men cry, people will feel that men are not strong anymore, but when women cry, people will console them and try to help them. I agree with Smith’s argument. I think crying in men is a mark of weakness, it make men defenseless, and it can’t solve the problems.

First of all, men easily get hurt and look weak when they are crying. According to Dennis Thompson, “... the tears blur your vision and leaves you defenseless.” That means when men crying, they are weak, because they don’t have enough defense and they can’t even have a clear vision to look around or think what's going to happen to them. If people want to hurt some men, it’s easily to hurt them when they are crying. For example, when soldiers saw their partners dead and cried during the war, the enemy usually can kill them as easy as blowing off dust. That's because crying make soldiers slow down their reaction, blur their vision, and put down their defense, so the enemy can have a chance to kill them. That’s why crying make men look weak.

Second, crying can’t help people solve the problems. You may see an interesting scene, children crying on the floor because they can’t get what they want or they can’t solve the problems they met. Even some adults they still act like that. However, when female adult act like that, it's common to see somebody help her, but when male adult act like that, people will feel they're strange, childish, and even laugh at him or won't help him. According to Dennis Thompson “You should cry after you’ve solve the problem.” If men don’t solve the problem, then crying shows they are weak and useless, but if men already solved the problem, they won’t cry anymore,...
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