Is It Ok to Cry at Work?

Topics: Management, Psychology, Emotion Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Case 1 - Is it Okay to Cry at Work
Emotions are not to be ignored in the workplace. Now that emotions and moods are a study of organizational behavior, it’s time to really elaborate on the question, “Is it okay to cry at work?” Before answering that question we need to remember a few things. First of all, many factors make organizations ineffective with managing emotions in the workplace. This is due to factors such as: the inability to read emotions of employees and managers, organizations are unable to relate to their employees, and the lack of constant contact with their staff. An organization needs to make sure they keep strong connections with their workforce to ensure that emotions and moods are up-beat and energetic. Next, it’s important to remember that bottling up your true inner emotions and keeping them to yourself, will only make things worse. Organizations need to be in constant contact with employees and make sure they feel comfortable telling managers anything and everything on their mind. When I worked at IBM, they would call in each employee individually to the manager’s office every month for a “check-in” appointment. This is where managers would get very friendly with employees so that we would tell them what was going good, what was going bad, and our thoughts on the current tasks at hand. I learned that the staff would look forward to these monthly meetings and would relay a lot of useful information to the managers during this time. Even though organizations want employees to relay their true emotions, I don’t think crying at work is acceptable. This is an emotion that should be saved for home due to the fact that it could hurt your image and current position at work. When I say crying at work is unacceptable, I don’t mean that employees should bottle up their emotions. There is a time and place for everything and I believe you should save the crying for home and confront your manager alone in a professional way once your...
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