Topics: Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, American Civil War Pages: 2 (304 words) Published: September 24, 2014
Pretty Penny
“Four score and seven years ago.” Anyone who claims to be American would know who recited the iconic Gettysburg Address. It was none other than the great Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest leaders of the free world. Through his lasting contributions and actions he was able to guide the nation into what it is today. Ceasing the existence of pennies would mean removing the most common currency in America and disrespecting Mr. Lincoln. The common penny is essential to both American life and American history. To abolish pennies is almost the same thing as forgetting Abraham Lincoln and his achievements. The penny is not just, as most people see it, the lowest currency and an unwanted item in your left side pocket. It tells an American history lesson in a quick glance. Even the George W. Bush during his presidency signed a law to produce a newer version of the penny after 50 years. Who would be the unfortunate president to have a tarnished history track record because of removing the penny during his or her term? Source F demonstrates that even after decades of circulation, the federal government believes that the mighty penny should still be with the American people. Source G alludes to how even after 200 years, we the Americans refuse to remove the penny and continue on with the tradition of the one cent. Why should the penny be removed if the majority of the people prefer if it stayed in circulation? There is no benefit in only appealing to the handful of those who are against. A study done in Source E represents the percentages of those who favors or opposes the penny. 59% of those who participated were in favor of the penny while only a measly 23% opposed the penny and 18% were unsure.
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