Pen is mightier than sword

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In Singapore where the world of sales and marketing is presented with the option of words or swords, the competitive nature of firms and businesses would preside over the latter to meet their quota. While this forceful nature of wielding the sword to make aggressive sales is effective, the long run effect of such would result in poor health and to extreme extent, depression due to rejection. While most firms realize the importance of good marketing strategies, some are still not leveraging to the fullest extent on the power of words. They still reside over the use of hard sales blindly. Even though they know of how consumer behave, if only they could harness the power of words sales stimulating ones not only could one retreat from hard sales and watch consumers knock on the firms door continuously, rate of clinching a project would rise rather easily too. Among the many ways a consumer will form their perception of a product or a company is through the magic of words. While graphic images of a product or the featuring of a Hollywood ambassador would immediately strike a major chord with the audience, a picture of a thousand words cannot be more effective than a picture with meaningful words. This would explain the burgeoning accompaniment of a tag phrase beside the companys logo or name to make things memorable. Nokia Connecting People. McDonalds Im lovin it. A picture of an ill formed decayed teeth on the packet of cigarettes Smoking Kills People of todays society are better educated and forcefully compelling them to choose your product cannot work effectively. Threatening them and force feeding them with the wave of your sword would only resist them from selecting your company as their choice of preference. Instead, people being more savvy with the world would really rather receive information in a less menacing manner. In this case, words, the right phrases to use and a well-formed sentence will eloquently do the trick. Consumers need motivation and...
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