Peers as Leaders

Topics: High school, Extracurricular activity, Respect Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: January 23, 2006
1.Basically, I think the most important skill that one needs to be a good Peer Leader is the ability to influence others, but there are other characteristics one needs to have to be an effective Peer Leader. In order to be influential, you need to have the ability to communicate well with others. Without the ability to talk to others, how is it possible to influence and direct others in the right direction? I'm a person that has the ability to engage with others easily, so communicating about what's wrong and right with others wouldn't be a problem to me. The function of a peer leader starts with influencing others in making the right decisions when it comes to peer pressure. A good peer leader also needs to have responsibility. In my freshmen year, I thought high school was a joke to me, and I didn't wake up till around beginning of sophomore year. I knew that this was a big mistake and I was prepared to take the punishment for my poor decision. I woke up and started to bring my grades up. I've been able to maintain good grades, even while being a team member of the basketball team. Overall, I think that I am qualified to be a member of PAL, because I know that I can influence and lead these kids towards the right path. I try my best to accomplish my objectives and know how to balance my priorities.

2.By participating in PAL, I know that I can learn essential values that will help me develop into a better person for the near future. I will learn the importance of communication among people and the value of teamwork that is needed to make a healthier environment. I will become a better leader and I will gain the knowledge on what it takes to be a good listener. I will be able to contribute my knowledge to others and listen to any problems to any problems they may be facing. I know that I can be a member that the kids can talk to about their problems. I'm an open-minded person, not dictating, and a good listener. I am open to all opinions and do not judge...
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