Peer Review Article Versus Popular Press Article on Lead Poisening

Topics: Lead poisoning, Lead, Lead paint Pages: 4 (1424 words) Published: September 15, 2006
Lead poisoning has been a concern for many years. In fact, because of the affects of lead poisoning, there has been an extensive decline in its use. "Many people believe lead poisoning is no longer a threat, yet millions of homes contain lead based paint" (Heck, J., 2005, para. 1). Exposure to lead at any level is unhealthy, especially in infants, children, and pregnant women and continues to be an ongoing dilemma in this country. I read two articles concerning lead poisoning; the first article is from FineTuning, a popular press and the second article is from Pediatrics, a peer-review journal. In this paper, I will clearly summarize each article by comparing the content of both articles. In addition, I will summarize the attention to details communicated in each article. Next, I will discuss the reasons for the research, who conducted the research, the methods used during the research, and the conclusions reached based upon the research. Finally, in this paper, I will discuss what I learned about peer-review journal articles versus popular press articles.

The first article, entitled Lead Poisoning – It's Not an Illness of the Past by Joanne Heck discusses the history of lead based paint in the United States. Joanne Heck's main purpose for writing the article is to help the public understand why lead based paint is an ongoing issue in this country. The article is easy to read, as the author uses headings to break the article into different sections. The author writes the article in nonprofessional's terminology, which allows the average person to understand. A reader that wants to scan the article for specific details can do so with ease. The author provides a history of lead in order for the reader to "understand why lead poisoning continues to be prevalent in the United States" (Heck, para. 5). After the history, the author continues by discussing what lead poisoning is, who is at risk for lead poisoning, how a person can get lead poisoning, where lead...
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