pediatric vision screening

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I attended Cameron Elementary School on September 4, 2013 from 0800-1030 and Westmoore Elementary School from 1200-1400. The target population for screening at both schools was 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade students. They ranged in age from 5-12. Growth and development varied within each grade. The obvious height and weight as well as maturity levels were observed. It was apparent as to which children had special needs and required assistance to move from station to station due to a disruption in their daily routine. For the younger children we had to give simple commands to step on the scale and how to stand under the stadiometer. Some stood face forward instead of their back against the ruler. The older children were eager to know their vital statistics to compare with their classmates. For some it seemed like a competition as to who was taller. At the second school we did the distant vision screening and had different charts depending on the age group. The younger children simply had to read T, V, O, H, etc for both eyes, one at a time, while the 5th grade students had a separate group of letters for each eye. There were no nursing skills per se for this experience. We used patience, care, and friendly attitudes towards the students. We made conversations with the students as an ice breaker prior to the task at hand such as complimenting them on their clothing or hair, etc. My specific task was to use the stadiometer. I ensured the student looked straight ahead and their shoes were flat. At the second school I was the chart attendant and pointed to the letters for the children. The role of the nurse in the school screening was to act like a triage nurse. She asked about allergies or any medical problems. (One child stated he was allergic to snakes and tigers!) At the first school the nurse had a boundary to ensure privacy during the interview. This was not evident at the 2nd school as the location for the screening was quite inadequate. She also performed a...
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