Pediatric Oncologist

Topics: Oncology, Cancer, Medicine Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: March 17, 2011
An oncologist is a doctor who practices exclusively in the treatment of cancer. “Because cancer can affect any organ in the body, and individuals of any age, there are many different kinds of oncologists” (Ferguson 118). For example, a pediatric oncologist works to treat and diagnose cancers that affect children (Brown). “Cancer found in children is not common, and is different in children than in adults. Pediatric oncologists receive special training in these differences and in how to relate to children with cancer and their families” (Hinkle). To become a pediatric oncologist one must go through many years of school and training, but the career comes with many benefits including job security and income. Many times, oncologists team up to hypothesize strategies to help patients because cancer can diffuse to the different organs of the body. Patients experience surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy to treat cancer therefore it is important for doctors to organize treatment processes (Ferguson 118). In the United States, only 1 percent of the people diagnosed with cancer are children. Since there is such a small statistic for children, physicians have little practice in handling pediatric cancer. “For this reason, most doctors refer children with cancer to a pediatric oncologist/hematologist for treatment and care.” Hematology is the treatment and study of diseases in the blood. It is common for pediatric oncologists to acquire a certificate in hematology. “The close connection between pediatric oncology and hematology developed during the 1950’s and 1960’s when hematologists treating children with acute leukemia, one of the most serious pediatric cancerous conditions, saw oncologist use chemotherapy and other new treatments to treat solid tumors. The hematologists also began to treat solid tumors and other cancers.” As a pediatric oncologist, one treats, diagnoses and manages the care of children with numerous varieties of cancer. These doctors normally...
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