Pearl Harbor

Topics: Attack on Pearl Harbor, World War II, Imperial Japanese Navy Pages: 7 (1993 words) Published: April 7, 2013

Pearl Harbor:

A Date That Will Live In Infamy


Alec Mathews
Mrs. Kohorst
March 15, 2010

I. Introduction
A. Where
1. Oahu
B. What
1. Drug into WWII
2. Survivors
C. Quote
1. “Air raid…”
D. Japanese forces
1. 30 ships
2. 6 carriers
3. 430 planes
II. Body
A. Secret plans
1. Planning
a. Conquering China
2. Resources
a. Cut off by U.S.
3. Training
a. centered around 6 aircraft carriers
b. 24 supporting vessels
4. Secrecy
a. communications drill
B. When
a. Scouts
a. Nov. 26
C. How
1. Submarine
a. ignored
2. Radar problems
a. Thought they were American
D. Who
1. First ship struck
3. Story
E. Casualties
1. Japanese
a. 129 men,
b. 29 planes
c. 5 submarines.
2, American
a. 161 planes and damaged 102.
b. 21 unnecessarily destroyed ships
A. Casualties
1. 2,403 soldiers and 68 civilians.
B. What
1. Drug America into WWII
C. Effects
1. Effect on the world and individuals
2. Fueled soldiers
D. Quotes
1. Dictators
E. Remembering Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor: A Day That Will Live In Infamy

It was just a quiet day on the south coast of Oahu Island Hawaii, and little did anyone know that in later years this day would be known as a date which will live in infamy. This date will be the day America would be drug into a full out global war known as WWII. Survivors and Veterans of this dreadful day continue to tell the tale of The Battle of Pearl Harbor.

The day began equally as peaceful as every Sunday before until Operator Ramsey gave the chilling message saying, “Air Raid Pearl Harbor this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill.” A force of some thirty Japanese ships and six aircraft carriers each with around four-hundred thirty planes that would fly over the American fleet and drop bombs that would directly impact the United States involvement in the second World War.

The Japanese government began a campaign to conquer China, resulting in the American government increasing our military power and financial help to China, and cut off oil and other resources to Japan. Japan was already poor in natural resources before the United States had cut them of all resources.(Pearce) The Japanese government wouldn’t be able to gain needed resources in Southeast Asia with the American fleet at Pearl Harbor.

In October 1941, a Japanese naval General gave approval of plans for the formation of an attack force. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese combined Fleet Commander, began planning to bring a crushing blow to the naval fleet of Pearl Harbor in order to acquire control of the Pacific and take hold of objectives in the Far East.

In the spring of 1941, according to the World War II commutative committee, Japan started training in special tactics needed for the attack on Pearl Harbor. This plan centered around six aircraft carriers escorted by twenty-four supporting vessels. (Pearce)

On November 26, 1941 the Japanese fleet assembled in Tankan bay in the Kurlie Islands and led America into thinking the Aircraft carriers were carrying out a communications drill.
At 6:13 in the morning, sixteen Japanese scout planes took off for their target and one half hour later the carnage began. In Hawaii, a Japanese submarine had been spotted earlier that morning. The Naval commander gave permission to annihilate the...
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