Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor

The Pearl Harbor Attack

Japan is smaller than California, with half of the population, why did japan attack Pearl Harbor? Pearl Harbor is an American naval base that is located in Hawaii. Japan had felt that the United States wanted to keep the world divided into two halves, America and Europe against the Japanese and East Asia. Due to several major events that happened between the United States and Japan, on December 7th, 1941 Japan attacked an American naval base. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because of the League of Nations, the stop of their oil supply, and Japan wanted to expand.

First, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because of the League of Nations. The League of Nations was an organization that was created by American president Woodrow Wilson to help solve the world’s future problems. “Many nations joined, including Japan. Surprisingly, the United States did not join” (BE). Due to the United States lack of wanting to become involved in the world problems, the United States Senate did not have the United Sates become a part of the League of Nations. “Some Japanese leaders were quite shocked and disappointed” (BE). Since America had created the League of Nations it was expected for them to have joined, but because they did not, the organization was not very effective. As a result, Japan had a reason to dislike America resulting in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Second, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because the United States stopped giving Japan oil. The United States gave Japan about 78% of their oil (D). By the United States imposing an embargo on oil shipments to Japan the United States put Japan in a bad situation, causing the country to have a short supply of oil (C). As a result, the country could have become a third class nation. For this reason Japan had been put into the situation to not like America.

Third, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because Japan wanted to expand its empire. Japan went from taking over Manchukuo, down the side...
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