Peanut Allergies

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Causes and Solutions of Peanut Allergies

At some point in our lives, we have done something or possibly will do something that has felt as though a panic attack or shortness of breathe has been triggered off. Was it excitement? Was it anxiety? What was causing it? For millions of Americans and people world wide it’s very possible that all of this was being brought on by an allergy to something that had been eaten, or something that has been eaten in the past that your immune system didn’t built a tolerance to. Enter peanut allergies. According to most scientists and researchers; peanut allergies may be one of the most life threatening of all food allergies if the allergy is not detected early on in life (Young 2). Like most of us when we were kids we have come to adapt or grow out of things that were inherited by our parents, better known as natural selection. Peanut Allergies are increasing and the cause of it is still a mystery; however, there are possible solutions to avoid this anaphylaxis epidemic.

When development occurs inside the mother of an unborn child, certain traits and genes are thought to be handed down through the stages of pregnancy. One particular gene although, not proven to be true is the gene for allergies, such as a peanut allergy. Researchers believe that an allergy such as a peanut allergy are transferred to the fetus through what the mother has eaten and or what the mother has an allergy to (Ryan 2). There is no direct evidence of such a transaction, but then again there is nothing to prove that it is not transferred that way. There are two schools of thought about the correct way to avoid this type of allergy. One particular thought is to avoid breastfeeding; however, it’s proven that breastfeeding is the healthiest most natural way for a baby to gain essential nutrition. Scientists and doctors agree that waiting to introduce high risk foods into a babies diet may help to delay or lessen the risk of developing an allergy to

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