Peace at the Waterfalls

Topics: Renting, Rental agreement, Landlord Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: June 19, 2013
TO: All Current Complex
FROM: Peace at the Waterfalls
DATE: 08/16/2015
SUBJECT: Renovations Adding to Peace at the Waterfalls

As many complex have recently been noticing there have been a great deal of new benefits and improvements occurring around the apartment complex at Peace at the Waterfalls. For this reason Peace must agree with the recommendation to raise rent to those renewing their lease.

Peace at the Waterfalls wants their complex to live at the most luxurious and up to date apartment complexes, however to continue to do that Peace at the Waterfalls has approved a 8% increase of rent for complex who decide to renew their lease. In addition to repairs to individual apartments that will be happening the new renovations will provide Peace with noticeable improvements throughout the apartment complex. These improvements include but are not limited to: new washing and drying machines, repainting the outside of the apartment complex, a new parking lot for visitors, and retiling of the pool and hot tub.

Peace at the Waterfalls is sure that all complex will thoroughly enjoy the new repairs made to the complex. The new improvements made to the apartments and to the complex will make the outdated 30-year old complex modern, fresh, and trendy. Peace is happy to still be considered the best deal in Austin, providing the most amenities possible while still staying budget friendly. Please feel free to call if questions arise about the improvements or you wish to renew your lease today!
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