Pdhpe Sports Policy

Topics: Protection, Injury, The Players Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: February 6, 2013
3. Evaluate how sports policy + the sports environment promote safe participation

Sports policies and the sports environment are extremely important to promote safe participation on an athlete, by ensuring these factors are optimal, the chance of injury can be avoided, thereby promoting safe participation.

The rules or laws that govern an organisation are in place to protect all participants and spectators. Clubs generally have a set of rules and regulations, which often include the club’s constitution In case of injury; the sports organisation must have appropriate first aid facilities and an insurance policy, which covers both the individual and the sports organisation. first aid facilities allow quick treatment of any injuries to promote safe participation.

The grounds and facilities must be safe for all players. This effectively reduces the risk of many injuries and provides support for the players in the care of an injury. The grounds must be well lit, such as with good lights, so that competitors have clear vision. The grounds must be clear from obstruction to prevent injury. For example, potholes may cause a player to fall over and fracture their ankle. Filling these potholes will promote safe participation. Some reasons why grounds might be inadequate may be due to financial limitations.

Where children are concerned, applying simplified or modified rules will contribute to a more enjoyable safer and satisfactory sporting experience. The emphasis is on fun and promoting participation rather than competition. For example, as children cannot focus for as long and become fatigued more easily, using smaller fields and shorter games will contribute promoting safe participation, similarly providing more breaks limit risk or overheating. An example of a modified sport is Netta Netball. Netta Netball is a modified version of netball, some of the rules that accommodate participation for children include; reduced height in the goal post, 8 feet instead...
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