Payment Authentication

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Payer Authentication Service
Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, JCB J/Secure

Our convenient, hassle-free payer authentication service gives you the online payment guarantees and discounts offered by major card brand programs—plus optional, additional fraud screen protection—via one easy connection.. Supports All Card Programs

This single service supports current and future programs from major card brands, worldwide: •Visa: Verified by Visa •MasterCard: SecureCode •JCB: J/Secure •Others when released Reduce Chargebacks and Lower Processing Costs Receive chargeback protection from fraud-related chargebacks as specified by the card brands—in some cases authentication is not required to receive this protection. Further, you may qualify for lower interchange (processing) rates by using payer authentication services. How It Works Your system(s) are connected to the card association and banking authentication networks via the Internet using our authentication service. 1. During check-out, your system routes information to the appropriate card association (via the CyberSource Payer Authentication Service) to check enrollment. 2. If the cardholder is enrolled, your system automatically links to the cardholder’s bank and displays an authentication form prompting the cardholder to enter a password. (If the cardholder is not enrolled, or the card brand used does not offer an authentication service, complementary fraud screening services can be accessed to assess order risk.) 3. The cardholder’s password is sent to the issuing bank for verification. Results of the password check (verified/not verified) are returned to your system. The entire process takes approximately 2-3 seconds. 4. If authenticated, the transaction is submitted for payment authorization per your normal process (if CyberSource payment processing is used, the transaction can be completed in a single step vs. getting authentication results and then re-submitting for payment authorization)....
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