Paul Mccartney

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Paul McCartney
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Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is a member of a well-known British rock band the Beatles, which was created in 1960. In the band, Paul McCartney performed with John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Although there were other members in the band, such as Stuart Sutcliffe, Jimmie Nicol, and Pete Best, Paul McCartney is the brightest representative of the modern music world who did not stop his career of an artist even after the Beatles broke up. Paul McCartney was born on June 18th, 1942, in a suburb of Liverpool. He wrote his first song when he was 14. In July of 1957, Paul McCartney met John Lennon and started to perform in the group named Quarrymen. In three years, the band was reorganized into the Beatles, and they started their performance in Germany. The Beatles broke up in 1970. Yet, none of the group members did not abandon music career. Nonetheless, Paul McCartney was able to continue his artist career up until now. Despite numerous ups and downs in his career, Sir James Paul McCartney has stayed a real artist that does not give up music no matter what. He continued his artistic career after the Beatles and released over 50 albums, 76 singles, 55 music videos, gave a great number of solo concerts as well as with other artists. Namely his dedication to music allowed him to keep his career moving forward. A real artist should never stop even if the band breaks up. As Freddie Mercury once sang “show must go on” so must the career of a great artist. Paul McCartney is a great example of his music performance and show. Paul McCartney is still a great performer; and the best evidence of this is his performance at the last 2013 Grammy Awards. He received an award for his album "Kisses on the Bottom" first time after the Beatles won Grammy for their “Let it Be” (Lachno, 2013). On the show, Paul McCartney sang two songs “Medley” and “My Valentine.” Both songs were...
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