Paul Levy

Topics: Management, Charisma, Leadership Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: July 11, 2011
Paul Levy’s strong transformational leadership style facilitated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) from ailing to thriving. The organization faced many dire issues including financial crisis, poor quality of patient care, and low staff morale. This grim outlook required a strong transformational leader. Levy displayed all the characteristics of a powerful and effective leader by embracing intellectual stimulation, individual consideration, and charisma which enabled him to lead them through the crisis.

Levy was able to inspire the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center staff by clearly presenting the hospitals challenges and seeking out different viewpoints to solve them. He was able to intellectually stimulate the employees which served to enlighten and motivate them to save the medical center. Levy demonstrated this fundamental characteristic very clearly during the first month of his tenure by posting the Hunter Report to the company intranet. The Hunter report was an outside consultant’s objective overview of the medical centers financial status. By posting it to the website he encouraged intellectual thought about the current state of the BIDMC from all levels of the team.

Managements openness was rewarded as over 300 email responses were received, with each being reviewed by senior management and responded to directly by Levy. He was able to gain the employees trust by being open to suggestions and by demonstrating that he was in touch with the real issues plaguing the medical center. By promoting a culture of intellectual stimulation at BIDMC, Levy was able to begin creating an engaged workface and start solidifying himself as a leader the staff could trust and support.

People in an organization need to feel like they are important and Levy does a great job through his idea of core values where he focuses on individual consideration. He assesses what the people in the organization value and adjusts his strategy around those core...
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