Patterns of Social and Ethnic Residential Segregation Among Social Groups & Ethnic Minorities

Topics: Sociology, Social class, Social status Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: October 21, 2007
PATTERNS OF SOCIAL AND ETHNIC RESIDENTIAL SEGREGATION AMONG SOCIAL GROUPS & ETHNIC MINORITIES Residential segregation can be explained as special appearance of social inequality, unequal distribution of social, ethnic, etc. groups. The spatial objective reflection of the complicated system of social relation can interpret the socio-economic structure of the city, and the allocation of different social groups. Appears in space in segregation curve where higher and lower social classes are much different at social hierarchy. The segregation indicates of the social groups at the very bottom of the social hierarchy were significantly lower than those of the top social group, and the segregation curve has the -shape. Due to the fact rich people live at those pars where and as they want to live, and they can exclude those neighbors from lower social class. So there can be trace the tendency that high social class is concentrated in the part of the city where they have the opportunity to occupy "own" territory and keep others away from it, they can develop their own way of construction, their own house types, schools, services, etc. Rich people have enough power and money to build their own world by the rules they are made. As the opposition to this, poor/lower status people do not live in the parts where and as they want to live, but they can be segregated in the palaces where they allowed and in the way they permitted. They do not money and power to exclude others, so they are free to choose among the varieties of living under unfavorable conditions. Low status people are segregated in many and small "pockets" of the city (compared with high status people). The government mechanism for exercising land use policy is zoning. In principle, zoning separates industrial, commercial and residential functions, and controls the form and density of new development. In practice, zoning has been used to separate people by income and ethnicity. When zoning changes proposed...
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