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Topics: Barack Obama, Leadership, Iraq War Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: January 9, 2014
Skills that this person possesses which enabled them to be seen as a leader

The influence on society that Barack Obama has applied is positive; he has made a lot of positive changes for America. The leadership style that Obama possesses would be very authoritative as he has the right to make decisions and tell people what to do. He is seen as a leader to millions of people, not only in America but all over the world. He has great leadership skills as he has been the president of America for the past four years and has won all his elections. Obama didn’t only change laws, he changed lives. Some of the wonderful things that he has achieved and which make him such a good leader would be the many accomplishments that he has made, for example:

- He signed into law an economic plan that saved America from depression, restored growth and created/saved 3.6 million jobs. - Rescues the American auto industry. This saved millions of American jobs and helped GM and Chrysler become profitable again while repaying taxpayers. Helped women get the equal pay they deserve by signing into law the Lilly Ledbetter act and he also ended the war in Iraq which initiated responsible drawdown of forces in Afghanistan.


Barack Obamas Leadership role is Collaborative, which is also known as the democratic leadership role, this role depends on the members and the leaders, and doesn’t just depend on the leader which means they can debate over problems. This member has a great variety of ideas at all times and is always willing to contribute, but his role may also be Autocratic which is the role of where one person can make any decision and not have to discuss it with anyone else, they have a lot of power over people and are usually the head of the group, they are always making quick and snappy decisions. The effectiveness of these leaderships is that no matter what they are doing they are trying to achieve something by making a change so they are trying to make the...
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