Patch Adams

Topics: Patient, Medicine, Physician Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: April 5, 2013
I truly enjoyed seeing Patch Adams again. I have always loved this movie and I think it was a wonderful choice to use as an example for professionalism and patient care. In my opinion I feel that Patch became a role model by showing his classmates that his ways actually did work and had wonderful results. Even if they were against him and his ways they all eventually saw that his ways were very wonderful and productive. I think Patch is professional as a physician in his own way. His way of professionalism my not be accepted by modern society but he doesn’t do it in a way to be unprofessional he is being true to himself and his beliefs. Yes there were some episodes in the movie that would be considered unprofessional like the bedpans on his feet/head, the display for the gynecological convention, asking if he could take out a dying man’s wife. But in all honesty I do not believe he meant anything bad by it. He was just trying to cheer up sick and dying people. Most people in these kinds of situations are very scared and having something fun happen can take their mind off the situation even if it’s just for a few minutes and that is wonderful. I myself would not do things he did but I don’t feel it is necessarily wrong in the context he meant it. Laughter is wonderful medicine for many reasons it releases feel good endorphins, it reduces pain, it lowers blood sugar levels, increases blood circulation, and can relieve stress just to name a few. I feel laugher can be appropriate for any situation depending on the patient; some patients would like humor all the time no matter what and some wouldn’t. It’s a situation where you would have to “feel out” your patient to determine If it’s appropriate or not. I would absolutely love to have the opportunity to work for the Gesungheit Institute. I think it would be a wonderful learning opportunity. To learn to give so freely and lovingly is something that our society as a whole could really use more of. I personally think...
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