Patch Adam

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Patch Adams

Patch Adams real name is Hunter Adams. A man who was in the same mental institution Patch Adams was in had given him the nickname. He named him Patch Adams because he patched up his cup because it was leaking. The understanding that I got from the question “how many fingers do you see?” was not to see what others see. Let the focus go, you do not want to see the problem, you want to see the solution. These are some of his good customer service skills. Patch Adams treats his patients with respect. He also tried to use his humor to help heal the pain and suffering. Patch Adams tried to grant their wishes while they were on their death bed. He tried to make them forget about the negative things. He wants them to make the best of it while it lasts. There are a lot of bad customer services from the nurses and Patch Adams in the hospital. For example, one of the nurses refused to enter room 305 because the patient was mean. That shows neglecting a patient. Patch Adams also showed some bad customer service. Not acting professional in a work place. He goofed around a lot only to make his patients happy, and they were very grateful of his humor. Also the director who was walking the class around was shouting out the patient’s diagnoses out loud, that wasn’t good customer service. The front desk lady didn’t want to attend a patient’s mom until she filled out all of paper work. She should have attended her first because it was an emergency. Patch Adams did a lot of illegally things that took place in the hospital and in school. The director was showing the third year class around and was telling his students about the patient’s diagnoses. That is the patients’ confidential business and it should have not been discussed. Patch Adams also communicated with the patients and he was only in his first year of medical school. The nurses were also discussing the patient’s diagnosis with Patch Adam who is a student. It is not to be discussed...
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