Passion of the Christ

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Becoming A Better Person
For most of us, there has been a particular piece of art that has taken great effect on our lives in a positive way. Whether it being a painting, song, or even a movie, these positive influences change us as people, and we don’t even realize it until we actually think about it. The most influential piece of art that has affected me was the movie, The Passion of the Christ, directed by Mel Gibson. This movie is based on the New Testament in the bible; the film primarily covers the final twelve hours of Jesus Christ’s life. The Passion of the Christ has had a profound influence on my life by reminding me of the importance of being a better person. This movie has helped me to become more forgiving of others who betray me, to always be accepting towards the people who surround me, to grow stronger in my faith, and to trust in God’s plan for me.

Throughout our lives we all come across a betrayal by someone we care about, and this movie has taught me to be more forgiving towards people who have deceived me. In the beginning of the film Jesus tells his disciples, “An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.' But now I tell you: do not take revenge on someone who wrongs you. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, let them slap your left cheek too. Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." In this scene Jesus teaches his disciples that the urge of revenge is sinful; he tells them to pray for the people who mistreat them. This scene taught me how important it is to never fight fire, with fire. Holding a grudge against someone who has wronged you takes a toll on your life not his or hers. One of the most influential scenes in the movie is when Jesus is nailed on the cross to die and instead of cursing the people who wounded him, he tells his father, “Forgive them, father. They know not what they do.” This line really taught me to be a more forgiving person because if Jesus was able to forgive murderers, adulterers, and the people who nailed him to a cross, then what makes me think I cannot forgive people as well. I learned that hating others only brings poison to my own heart; it doesn’t hurt the people that have betrayed me in any way. Forgiveness is the act of overcoming the feeling of resentment towards someone who has treated you in a wrong way, and this scene reminds me that although others will hurt me, loathing them will only bring darkness upon myself.

Not only have I become more forgiving of others, but I have learned to love the people who surround me. It is natural for humans to judge others on the way they look, or what they believe, and The Passion of the Christ taught me to love and accept everyone for their differences. We live in a diverse population with different styles, beliefs, and cultures, and this film has taught me that we are children of God, and we should love each other the way Jesus loves us. There is a scene where Jesus says, “You are my friends, and there is no greater love than a man to lay down his life for his friends,” My interpretation of this quote was Jesus telling his disciples that he will stand up for them even when no one else will, and this helps to show me how important it is to stand up for what is right. Countless people are mistreated because they are different and this scene reminds me that we are all created equally and should be treated with respect regardless of our disparity. Another line in this film that has taught me to always love the people who surround me is when Jesus says, “My commandment to you after I am gone is this: Love one another as I have loved you.” When Jesus knew that he was going to be killed he told his believers that they should continue to love each other just as he has loved them. This scene has taught me the significance of valuing everyone you come to meet, not only because Jesus said it was right, but also because the small act of kindness you share to a stranger may be the only kindness they receive.


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