Participating in team sports helps to develop good character

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Participating in team sports helps to develop good character because sports involve team work, gaining of social experiences and helps relieve stress. Being on a sport team creates the opportunity to gain meaning full insight into one's self. This is the time to gauge reactions and learn appropriate responses to difficult situations. Athletes learn not to become defeated by a loss, but to dig in and believe they can win even when the score board says otherwise. It teaches each individual to stay balanced, the up and down of sport teaches athletes to stay on the axis and avoid circular emotions. When one takes a good look at the variety of benefits available to those who participate competitively in sports, one cannot help but see how comprehensive they are in the development of a well-rounded individual. I know of nowhere else that a person has the opportunity to gain so much, both on the inside and out, all from one place. Today, a significant number of people agree that, engaging in team sports help to develop good character, they have so many evidences to prove that. They frankly believe that, sports involve team work, gaining of social experiences and aid to relieve stress. Team work is very versatile character idiosyncrasy. It can be used in many parts of life, from sports to the workplace. Even team sport also encourages people to work with others, as they try to reach for the same goal. Team sports help to build character because they teach people discipline, how to work in a group and how to have the good sportsmanship. Character is developed through social activities such as sports. Sports injuries among youth sports organization may be a compelling argument, but studies shows that youth sports is a good form of psychology for children’s’ mind and body development, which leads to a healthier adulthood. Schools need to emphasize to a greater length to get children in sports at school, because most children go out and play in organized sports that take away time from their studies, because of the fact organized sports can Page 2

also create demands and expectations that exceed the readiness and capabilities of young participants. Many professional athletes today played in high school sports along with organized sports to develop more skill for the game and to stay out of trouble with the law. Playing organized sports do have benefits also have consequences. Coaches push children to start lifting weights at a young age to develop strength this may cause a stun in growth, others are risk of injury like in baseball young pitchers can hurt their arms, how many pitchers should a youth athlete do, to many could damage the arm, where do coaches and leagues draw the line well in League Little eleven to twelve year olds cannot exceed 85 pitches a day. “The necessary commitment and intensity of training in some youth sports programs raise concerns about the sensibility and safety of high level athletics for any young athlete. Is important to avoid potential serious risk or injury, and make sure youth athletes not to excess training and competition” (American Academy of Pediatrics).  Sports do build character in children starting at the right age many children can get ready for life, such values as these. One: Helps a child’s overall physical development. Two: Gives the child the opportunity to become familiar with his or her body and to learn the body’s need and limits. Three: Social interaction with their peers. Four: Teaches teamwork, cooperation and to follow the rules. Five: Gives parents the opportunity of offering the child unqualified support in playing sports. Six: Helps the child learn for him/herself if winning or losing is important. Seven: Helps the child gain acceptance and credibility among his or peers. These values were in a popular book for coaches who want to learn more about youth sports.  Children gain plenty of self-esteem through playing sports. Self-esteem has been defined as the “level of...

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