Sports keep teens out of trouble

Topics: High school, American football, Adolescence Pages: 4 (830 words) Published: April 28, 2015
Sports keep teens out of trouble

Nate Rowe
Avid 1B

High school sports require around 14 hours per week, of a students’ time. This time is only the time spent with the team at school mandated activities. It does not include events like team dinners, fundraisers, time practicing by yourself. After an athlete spends all this time at practice, why would they want to go cause trouble? Most athletes would be too exhausted to even do anything after the time they spend at practice. I believe sports keeps teens out of trouble. When a student signs up for a sport, they sign a contract in the beginning of the season, saying that they will not act out of place. If you were to act out or break your sports contract. You lose any chance you had at scholar ship for any sports, because recruiters will see your record and automatically think "wow this person is a bad person". The ultimate goal for an athlete is to play at the highest level they can play at. The majority of athletes, stay out of trouble so they don’t risk being kicked off the team, or losing a scholarship. If a teen is on a sports team, they will be at practice more then they will be out on the streets getting in trouble. If they get in trouble they won’t be able to play, so they try their best to stay out of trouble. Sports teach trust and leadership. They will meet the right kind of friends that will help them make good choices. When a teen surrounds themselves with positive influences, studies show up to 71% will make better choices, than they would have if they had been around a negative influence. Being part of a team gives a kid a positive identity and a feeling of acceptance by the teammates and other peers. Teen athletes are held to higher standards as they are easily identifiable by the rest of the student body, especially when representing their teams. Adolescents tend to explore their individuality while being confident within the confines of belonging to a team. When the University of...
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