Parole and Truth in Sentencing Paper

Topics: Criminal law, Crime, Prison Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Parole is defined as the early release of an inmate from a correctional institution under supervision. It is a sentencing strategy that progressively returns offenders to society to lead productive lives. Parole is often an incentive for offenders to behave while in prison and can act as a stimulus for positive behavioral change. Parole is based on the idea that an offender can gain early release through good behavior and self-improvement. The conditions of parole are based on an offender’s criminal background and the circumstances of the offense. Both of these are taken into consideration when considering what type of restrictions and special conditions that should be placed on the offender. The general conditions of parole are based on state statutes and are fixed. While on parole, an offender is required to periodically check in with a parole officer who oversees the parolee’s parole and ensures all of the conditions are being met. Parole officers may visit parolees at home or at work and can do so unannounced. While on parole , an offender must obtain a job within 30 days and continue to be employed throughout their parole. This is based on the idea that having a job reduces the likelihood that an offender will repeat offend. A parolee is prohibited from leaving the state unless with the permission of the parole officer and courts. The goals of truth in sentencing laws are to restore truth in the sentencing process so the public knows how much time an offender offender n. an accused defendant in a criminal case or one convicted of a crime. (See: defendant, accused) will serve in prison, to increase the proportion of a sentence that is served in prison, generally to percent, and/or to eliminate parole release as a means of reducing crime by keeping offenders incarcerated incarcerated /in·car·cer·at·ed/ (in-kahr´ser-at?ed) imprisoned; constricted; subjected to incarceration.

Confined or trapped, as a hernia. for a longer period...
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