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1.)In this article it is discussed that the Denver Parks and Recreation is offering discounted tickets and lesson and rental packages at a extremely low rate to children ages 7-17. As an avid snowboarder this article caught my eye. The youth in the extreme sports of skiing and snowboarding is our future. As John Martinez; Director of Outdoor Recreation says, “ In a time where children are playing behind their screens instead of playing outside, it’s imperative that there is an outlet for them to get active” I completely agree. When I was younger it wasn’t as easy to have accessibility to these fun activities and you really had to be adamant about keeping up with the sport of skiing and snowboarding. Giving these children the opportunity now will keep this particular industry alive and booming. As an athlete myself and an aspiring professional I look to work in the ski and snowboard industry, so as long as the sport is alive I will have work and will have fun doing it. 2.)In Dayton Ohio, the Parks and Recreation department is in transition with some of their municipal city golf courses. One in particular is Madden Golf Course. A course started to be built in 1921, and the rest of the holes built almost 70 years later in 1990. The city of Dayton is spending $100,000 on improvements which include the purchasing and planting of many trees and other vegetation. Bunker restoration is in effect as well. The course is obviously worn and needs a lot of improvement. As a golfer myself, when playing at courses I look at a few things; price, overall course shape and pace of play (busy or not busy). The restoration to Madden Course will hinder the ability to bring revenue in while construction is taking place. Restoration will bring play when all is said a done though. This might be a double-edged sword in a way being that that city has put out all of this money so prices may go up, which may lead to less play. All in all, restoring the beauty of old golf courses is great in my book. They will always be there and will always give the opportunity to show people memorable times. 3.)Although this article doesn’t pertain to any sort of outdoor activity or sport I found it interesting. The article tells us about a councilwoman named Lisa Dibello. She is suing Charlestown, Rhode Island for being fired after holding the director position for over two decades. Sexual harassment was a role in the case. The town claims that Dibello was uncooperative and didn’t work well with others. This is a shame that someone can hold such an interesting and fun job yet be so naïve. Having someone that is stubborn and does not work well with others is bad to have for this position. Isn’t that what the job is all about being in the recreation industry. This kind of attitude and behavior is to bad to induce to the children and young-beings that are interested in becoming active in the community. Its also bad for the community as a whole. This would give them a chance to look down on the recreation department and not vote for funding and such things like that. 4.)In Manhattan, certain leagues for different sports have covenants to fields in the city. Last year, the parks department issued 2,233 permits in 50,808 time slots for ball fields in Manhattan. This gives minimal time for practicing or playing games in ball fields scarcely found in the city. It is mentioned that some leagues hold time slots for fields and don’t even use them. Before this issue was discussed, the city leniently gave out permits to anyone that applied. As the city grows, permits are more thought out and have given priority to leagues to children rather than adults. It is important to build a foundation of recreation with the children rather adults. This also shows you how hard it is for inner city kids to get out and be recreational. As long as the foundation is built in younger years the thirst for activity and fun will always be there. I say to myself now, if I didn’t...
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