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Tribute to parents
There are people, who are special in our life.

Those special people are my parents,
Also sometimes known as spy agents.

Love of parents is unbound,
And it always stays around.

Sacrifices made by them can’t be measured,
And the memories have to be treasured.

They are full of charm,
And never mean harm.

They have a tender and caring heart
I don’t know where to start.

They might scold us,
And we would create a fuss.

But we still share the same love,
Gentle and soft like a dove.

When I cry, they see my tear,
And is difficult for them to bear.

When I’m sad and depressed
They feel tensed and stressed

They always take my worries,
And ship them away in ferries.

It cannot be expressed in words,
Or written down on cards,

That, my parents are angels from heaven.
At the beginning of the play, when Lord Capulet (Juliet's father) first asked Juliet to marry Count Paris, Juliet was obedient and took her father's words and advice seriously; she believed her parents wanted the best for her. They had a little distant but overall loving relationship; the father gave the orders, and Juliet followed them as best as she could, although the father's advice never hurt or harmed Juliet directly. For example, when the father asked Juliet to marry Paris, he thought Paris would be suitable for his daughter as he had status and money. Therefore, he could care for his daughter. However, when Juliet fell in love with Romeo, she learned to defy her father. This broke the thin relationship between them, and Lord Capulet forced Juliet to marry Paris. This made the love in the relationship practically disappear with both the father and daughter mad at each other with the own reasons. Juliet loved Romeo, but Lord Capulet wanted best for his daughter and didn't want her to love an enemy of the family. When Juliet and Romeo died in the end as a result of the feud between the 2 families, Lord Capulet regretted his actions, and it...
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