Parenting Styles and It's Effect on Toddle's Emotional Development

Topics: Childhood, Parent, Parenting styles Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: July 1, 2013
For this research paper I decided to look into parenting styles, fathering and their effect on toddler’s emotional development . A parenting style is how parents and other caregivers care for and discipline children. Parents who are effective use a style they feel comfortable with. Their style matches their vales and personality. Because of this, there is not a parenting style that is considered right. There is not parenting style that works best with all children in all situations. Also parents tend to switch parenting styles as their children grow and change. There are three main parenting styles: authoritarian, assertive-democratic, and permissive.

Authoritarian parents believe their children should obey their parents without question. This parent tells their child what to do and the children’s responsibility is to do it. The authoritarian parent usually responds quickly and firmly when rules are broken. This parental style is not beneficial for toddler’s emotional development since toddlers will push the limits and try to assert their independence. In fact it could be said that this parental style will hinder a toddler’s emotional development because the toddler will become frustrated by strict rules and parents. An assertive-democratic parent let children have more say about the rules and limits of the home. Since it is important for children to take responsibility of their own actions, children are given a certain amount of choice within the rules. When the rules are broken, the assertive-democratic parent believes children learn better by accepting responsibility for their own actions. Or by agreeing on a punishment through problem solving with their own children. This parenting style is more suitable for toddlers because it lets them explore their environment with freedom which what toddlers need to do to develop their sense of independence. Permissive parents give children a lot of freedom, so much so that children may even set their own rules....
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