Paradigm Shift

Topics: Mobile phone, Science, Simon says Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Paradigm Shift
It’s very complicated to aim at certain technology and express its different impacts. If you talk about one, you have talked about all of them. That’s just my opinion. Technology has enhanced and advanced itself over a 20 years period. Can you see where we are headed? Do you remember where we were when technology had run rapid across the globe? I have very strong views and feelings on this particular subject. Since I’m limited to how far I can push this topic, I will keep it very settle. We went from gas lamps to electric lamps. Look! We have gone from clocks to alarm clocks to computers and now phones that are wireless with apps, games, email. These apps have all kinds of storage. We have computers that we can transmit and export information across the country and a matter of minutes. We can track items and shipments. We can even purchase all we need online. We no longer have to stay up the night before and pick the right suit and tie or the appropriate dress, stocking and shoes to go into companies to fill out applications for the dream job. We can sit our lazy butts in the bed and fill out an application and submit it with a resume online. We no longer have to pick up a pen and note pad and say simple things to our friends and spouses. In a 10 year period will have no love notes or letters, thank you cards not even the text message or email. Our kids will not have memories when they grow up and reminisce about child hood games like”Double Dutch”,” Red Light Green Light”, or what about, ‘Simon Says”. No! All they will have is collection of video games that have out dated itself every 7-10 months. Our kids have grown into a generation that loves technology and it gadgets. Technologies have taken the place of some serious traditions that has value, morals and learned behavior installed in it. So what is technology? Technology is the use of scientific knowledge for improving the way to do things. One would use scientific knowledge to invent...
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