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Topics: Social class, 18th century, Bourgeoisie Pages: 2 (1546 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Evolution of Business in the Times of Zola’s Writings
Professor Neulander
History Class
Business in the early 1800’s is quite different from what is seen in today’s world. The model for business is constantly changing and that is especially true for the time period between the late 18th and 19th century. The world of business changes from the idea of loyal customers of family stores to something grand and innovative. The new form of business comes to a new head in the book under a man named Octave Mouret with his development of the department store. In this paper the reader will get an inside look as to how the shops of old operated compared to the new shop concept of Mouret. When thinking of the 18th century stores one has to think of society back in the time period. The late 18th century in France gives way to rebellion and new forms of government. With changes in government from monarchy to republic to oligarchy to a dictatorship all within a 25-30 year period, there is a shift of how the classes work in society. The original class system before the French Revolution was three different classes the clergy, the nobility, and the third estate. The Third Estate consisted of majority of the population from famers to businessmen to city watch as well. Through the changes of social classes during the revolution there is a disintegration of this three class system. The emergence of the middle class and the bourgeoisie as well as the high ranking members of society not necessarily nobility but aristocrats came about after the revolution. The aristocrats were similar to nobility in the sense that they held power and wealth to change things going on in society but there was no sense of showing deference. With the changing of classes the way they interacted with each other also changes. Before the revolution you see the lower classes showing deference, afterwards it is not necessarily deference but it is considered a social faux pas for people to speak out of...
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