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Outline and Reference Page Requirements/Sample Outline and Reference Page

Outline Requirements

Outlines are an invaluable tool to help you organize your thoughts and prepare for a successful presentation. An effective outline adheres to the following principles. You will be evaluated on how well you complete and meet the expectations for each of the following categories

Structure and Level of Detail: An outline should not appear in paragraph form. However, your outline should contain complete sentences. An outline should demonstrate how ideas and thoughts are related to one another. Outlining format relies on points and sub-points and the idea of subordination. In other words, an outline will express your main ideas and how information you have researched supports those ideas. The outline should contain a good level of detail that demonstrates to the reader that you have properly prepared for the presentation. For an example, see the sample outline and reference page below.

In-Text Citations: It is important that you demonstrate from where you derived your information for the presentation. Accordingly, you are required to show how you used each resource to craft your speech. For example, if you are giving a speech about car repair, it is important to give credit to the books, magazines or websites you used to gather your information for the presentation. You credit these sources by clearly stating in the text of the outline from where information is derived. There are different formats for citing information in the text of an outline. In this class, you will use the format developed by the American Psychological Association (APA). For an example, see the sample outline and reference page below. The outline example has been color-coded to help explain this process.

Organizational Structure: An effective outline is well structured. The introduction must contain the following: (1) an attention getter, (2) a specific purpose statement, (3) a credibility statement, and (4) a preview of the main points of the speech. The conclusion must contain the following: (1) a signal of the end of the speech, (2) a review of the main points, (3) a review of the specific purpose statement, and (4) a statement of closure or memorable ending. The outline also must include three main points. The main points should be organized according to an organizational pattern discussed in the textbook or in class. Finally, your outline should include transitions. You should include a transition between: (1) the introduction and the first main point, (2) the first and second main point, and (3) the second and third main point. For an example, see the sample outline and reference page below.

Reference Page Requirements

A reference page is a list of the resources that you used to craft and create your presentation. When you list resources on your reference page they must be formatted correctly. In this class, you will use the format developed by the American Psychological Association (APA). APA has specific rules on how to list different types of resources on your reference page including books, website, newspapers, magazines, journal articles and so on. This is a link to a helpful APA resource guide:

For an example, see the sample outline and reference page below.

APA and Grammar

Please keep in mind that you will be graded on proper use of grammar including sentence structure and spelling. You also will be evaluated on how well your outline and reference page adhere to APA guidelines.


Topic: Supernatural Events in Ohio


I. (Attention Getter) Have you ever encountered something that you couldn’t explain, something that scared you? II. (Specific Purpose) Today I’m going to inform you about supernatural events that have occurred in three towns in Ohio. Seller (2000) stated that “If...

Citations: 1. According to Monroe (2008), a student security aid, reported that he saw “a spherical glowing object in the middle of the dorm’s hallway” (p. 45).
2. According to Seller (2000), there have been many unsubstantiated supernatural experiences that have been reported by residents of Stopher Hall.
1. According to Taylor (2001), Amy Berecek, an Engleman Hall resident assistant, has fielded numerous complaints from Engleman residents regarding seemingly supernatural sightings.
2. Simms cemetery was once used for public executions and contains the grave of a local hangman (Jones, 2008).
3. Hanning cemetery is haunted by an apparition of an elderly man (Jones, 2008).
1. In 1893, a woman named Marge supposedly escaped from the asylum (Goldman, 2001).
2. The asylum was home to inhumane treatments like electric shock therapy and water treatments (Goldman, 2001).
A. There is a crybaby bridge located on the west side of town (Smith, 2007).
B. There is an old abandoned church nicknamed Hell located in Peninsula (Smith, 2007).
Goldman, J. A., (2001). Ohio’s paranormal hotspots: A field guide for local paranormal
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