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Tobias Lopez

Write a 200- to 350-word journal entry describing the effects of President Roosevelt's New Deal programs on the character and the industry in which that character worked.

Small farmer in the Panhandle of Texas

The New Deal program that had an effect on Small Farmers in the Panhandle of Texas was the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA). According to "Agricultural Adjustment Act" (2014), The intent of the AAA was to restore the purchasing power of American farmers to pre-World War I levels. The money to pay the farmers for cutting back production by about 30 percent was raised by a tax on companies that bought farm products and processed them into food and clothing (Pg. 1). The AAA helped struggling farmers gain back the profits and confidence they had lost during the Great Depression, in the years following 1933, farmers income increased by half (Brinkley, 2012). There were seven basic commodities that were affected under the AAA, wheat, cotton, corn, hogs, rice, tobacco and dairy products, the farming community came on more stable than it had in years.

However, the AAA did favor large farmers over smaller ones, in light of this the Roosevelt administration launched the Resettlement Administration, which was established in 1935(Brinkley, 2012). This act was set in motion to help the poor farmers that were farming in inadequate soil to lands that contained richer soil, this gave the farmers a chance to grow better quality products. An additional administration that was put into place and had a bigger contribution to the farming community was known as the Rural Electrification Administration, this administration helped bring electric power to farmers for the first time (Brinkley, 2012).

Agricultural Adjustment Act. (2014). Retrieved from Brinkley, A. (2012). American History (14th ed.). New York, New York: McGraw-Hill.
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