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Panel Discussion Event: Entrepreneurship

Handy Rivera

Saint Thomas University

November 13, 2014

Dr. Maxwell

I attended to the Panel Discussion & Networking Reception held on Thursday, November 13th, 2014. I found the event very interesting, I really like the interaction between guest and students. I think it gave us a feel of what to expect in the future when starting our careers. There were 5 speakers: Michaelle Auguste, William Burdette, Wilfredo Fernandez, Neal Waugh, and Anthony Vinciguerra. The topic that was discussed was Entrepreneurship. 

They discussed how important it is not to give up when you are beginning a business, the panelist all have started business on their own and they found that they have failed many times before success.  I found speaker and owner of the "Labs of Miami" Mr. Wilfredo Fernandez had an interesting story, he began a business that cater to other local owner and entrepreneurs that needed a small temporary space to network with others, The Lab became a place where meeting are taken place and workshops. He believed in his idea and began working with investor to make his idea come to life and because he worked hard his idea became a reality.

Another point that I found very helpful was when Mrs. Michaele said that a business will not always make profit every year, it does not mean that the business is not successful. She made it a point for the guest to understand and to know the business you are in, some years will be good an some wont be so good but she mentioned it’s all about balance, to make study the business and to make sure there’s a positive outlook in the coming years of the business.

This event made a big impact on my thoughts about entrepreneurship, It made me think that if they can do it, I can do it too.
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