Pandit to Fauzi

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General Management
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General Management - Essays - Indeevar

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Answers Case I - PANDIT TO AFAUZI 1. What was the cause of fear in RBM? The causes of fear in RBM are more on the psychological / psychos about war. He used to think that if there is a war then people would be loaded with sufferings; killed, injured, maimed, and would become homeless. The country’s economy will also reduce. Sufferings people injury and they might also become orphans, women would become widow and the humanity would suffer.

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2. What were the symptoms of fear displayed by RBM? The Symptoms of fear displayed by RBM are as follows: a. He looked pale and worried. b. He was less talkative, not lively and his interaction with others persons decreased. c. He had developed constipation and used to eat very little. d. He felt tired after walking even a few hundred yards. is leading learning

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3. How did the RMO come to know of the war phobia of RBM? The Regimental Medical Officer (RMO) interviewed RBM. In his inspection RMO found nothing medically wrong with RBM but got trace of scares of the prospects of war. The phobia of war in RBM through his discourse to the RMO on the bad effects of a war on environment, economy, costs, etc. He stated that people would be loaded with sufferings; killed, injured, maimed, and would become homeless. The children would become orphans, women widowed, and the humanity would suffer. He vehemently advised the RMO to make all attempts to stop the war and if he could, at least oppose it. After a brief conversation, the RMO was convinced that all the symptoms pointed to a fear psychosis of war. Related essays

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General Management - Essays - Indeevar

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4. What actions should be taken to avoid building up of fear among the troops? Which of these steps were taken by the officer? The Action points to be taken to avoid building up fear among the troops • Appraise the jawans of the organization of all arms and services in the army. • Conduct regular trainings / discourses from senior staff. • Motivate on real time scenarios. • They should be explained about the tactics in the battle... [continues]

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