Pandemics: Emergence and Devastation

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Pandemics All Around the World: Emergence and Devastation
Many people today wonder when, where, why, and how pandemics occur. Some people do not have any knowledge about pandemics. “According to the World Health Organization (WHO, several factors must be present to be considered a pandemic. First, the disease must have never appeared before within a population; second, the agent that carries the disease—like a fly, bacteria, air, or water—infects one person, causing serious illness; and last, the disease spreads easily among humans” (Segall). Pandemic starts with the smallest harmful parasites from animals, plants, and bacteria, also known as viruses. These viruses can inflict different kinds of disease or problems to the human body. Thus, allowing hazardous infections to occur in the human body. These infections may also be contagious, which elevates the danger around other people. If these contagious infections does not get apprehended or treated immediately, it can result to an epidemic. An epidemic is considered as a very serious outbreak of a dangerous contagious disease that can infect and rapidly spread to many communities. If this epidemic does not have a known cure yet, hence it would become a pandemic if it extends to large parts of the world. Some people are still confused between pandemics and epidemics. To simply put it, an epidemic is the rapid spread of a disease in a specific area or among a certain population group. On the other hand, pandemic is a worldwide epidemic; an epidemic occurring over a wide geographic region and affecting a large number of people (Segall). There are different kinds of pandemic that have occurred in history. “Examples of pandemics occurring through history include the bubonic plague, also called the Garcia 2

“Black Death,” that killed 20 million Europeans during the 1300s, seven cholera pandemics through the 1800s and 1900s, and numerous influenza pandemics” (Purpura). Those pandemics are considered as one of the most famous known disastrous tragedy in the human medical history. History has also shown that ethnic previously considered to be disliked by the majority of the society are mainly in danger for callous conduct in moments of calamities, regardless whether the calamity is a creation of contagious illness, ordinary blow, or just public strife (Lemon). Racism and discrimination has been known throughout history, thus the majority of a certain society especially in the past have mistreated those people who came from a different ethnicity. Most people today are now working together for a common goal against pandemics; having knowledge from the past, in order to make a better future.

Influenza, also called as flu, is a viral infection that attacks the respiratory system, including your nose, throat, bronchial tubes and lungs. There have been different pandemics of influenza in history. The Influenza of 1918, also known as the Spanish Flu, is believed to be one of the most terrible pandemics in human history. With moderate approximation, the influenza pandemic of 1918 eradicated millions of human being all over the globe, hundreds of thousands of those individuals were in America (Hostetter). The Avian Flu, also known as Bird Flu, is usually to portray the flu viruses that contaminate birds—for instance, untamed birds like ducks and pet birds such as chickens (MNT). The Avian Influenza originated in Asia during the mid 1900s, and many Asian immigrants and foreigners were actually discriminated and poorly treated in those days of racism and criticizing of other ethnicities. Also, it has more threat Garcia 3

during winter, because of the low temperature that can cause flu. Today, it is a well-known epidemic thread that can lead to a pandemic if people do not take precaution from it. Thus, the government had been offering flu shots and preparation to the people against the possible wide-spread of this kind of flu. Therefore, an...
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