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Topics: Marriage, Independent school, Sibling Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: July 6, 2013
As a now standing CEO and President of a multi-million dollar company, Pamela Grace Val has become the woman she is today by her self-dedication, her father’s influence, and her positive outlook and aspirations on life. Brought into this world as the youngest child of four, Pam was born on August 8th, 1966 at the Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. She quickly gained most of characteristics early in life from her Father, Thomas Sawyer. Pam saw his abundant disposition on life, his leadership and character, and lastly his family-oriented heart. From this early stage in life, she aspired to acquire these traits from him, and proceeded to use them to become her own person. Pam was unfortunately a surprising accident; her family struggled to produce a positive income hinting that bringing in another child was more than enough to handle. All three of her siblings before her were provided the opportunity to attend private school their entire lives as she had to settle for public school. Although there do exist a number of exceptional public schools, her school was ranked dead last in education and income for all high schools in the state of Florida. Their lack of emphasis on education poorly prepared their students for college, nearly foreshadowing a narrow path for Pam’s future.

As many young girls do in the United States today, Pam possessed many dream-like aspirations. Her main goal was to be a cheerleader at the University of Florida. All three of her siblings before her attended the outstanding University, and she sought to continue in the family tradition. After reading her rejection to the University, her life hit the biggest turning point and disappointment her body has ever endured. Pam abruptly turned to a rebellious state of mind, and slowly became a depressed nineteen year old. Her mindset on life changed as she hung around different crowds, and decided to attend Valdosta State University. At this point in her life she was dating a man who was...
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