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Palais Royal

By twistthenoodles Nov 18, 2013 680 Words
Palais Royal
The Palais Royal was originally called the Palais Cardinal when it was built. This was built to be the personal residence of the Cardinal Richelieu. He had it built at its location because he wished to be near the Louvre. Construction of the building began in 1633 and finished in 1639. It became the property of King Louis XIII in 1642 when Cardinal Richelieu died. At this time the name changed from Palais Cardinal to Palais Royal to signify the change. The following year it became the home of Queen Anne of Austria when King Louis XIII died. Queen Anne’s young children, Louis XIV and Pillipe also moved there at that time. Later in 1649, the wife and daughter of King Charles I of England took up residency here when they were exiled from England. During the time that the Palais Royal was the main residence of the House of Orléans, it became the social center of the capital. Henrietta Anne, the exiled daughter of King Charles I of England, married Phillipe de France duc d’Orléans, the younger daughter of Louis XIV. They were married in the chapel of the Palais Royal on March 31, 1661. While they lived here the ornamental gardens on the grounds were designed and built. The court gatherings that took place at the Palais Royal were known and talked about throughout France. It was known that the crème de la crème of French society came here for the social gatherings. The Palais Royal was later inherited by Phillipe’s son, Phillipe II d’ Orléans were it gained an infamous reputation. Later it was inherited by Louis Phillipe II who gave the grounds the form that they have today. Between 1781 and 1784 he worked to expand and redesign the buildings and gardens of the Palais Royal. He built the arcaded pavilions that enclose the gardens and rented them out as commercial and residential properties since he had been running short on money. This became one of the most important marketplaces in Paris at the time. During this time the gardens were opened to the public and they became the place for important people to meet up. Today there is a blend of shops that consist of cafes, restaurants, antique shops, contemporary stylists, designers, and art galleries. Though there are many new stores popping up, there are stores still running that date back as far as 1761. The following quote shows the feeling of the Palais Royal: “Viewed from the sky, its garden is an immense rectangle enclosed by the palace. It’s not a place you just stumble onto: Gated passages lead into the arcades, lined with one-of-a-kind shops and residential apartments. Creative spirits have always been drawn to the site—Jean Cocteau once lived here, as did Colette, who used to feed the stray cats hanging around the restaurant near her apartment.” (Lecron, P. B. "The Palais-Royal Back in Style.") Some of the old store that still remain on the grounds are: A l’Oriental, a pipe shop dating back to 1818; La Galerie Numismatique, an antique store; Anna Joliet, a music box shop; and Noxa, and maker of figurines. In more recent years, high end retailers have been opening up shops there. Some of them include Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens, Stella McCartney, Corto Moltedo, and Mary Beyer. The shops around the Palais Royal have undergone a transformation through the years.

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The Palais Royal.

A painting of Palais Royal in 1863.

The arcades of the Palais Royal containing shops.

The gardens and the arcades of the Palais Royal.

Striped collums added to the Palais Royal in 1980. This addition caused controversy.

The Palais Royal gardens.

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