Pacific Medical Supply Company

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Case Background
Pacific Medical Supply Company was a prominent supplier in the southern California region. They used to supply medical instruments and all other itineraries using a distribution channel consisting of sales commission based Sales force. Jim Shine, the owner of Pacific Medical, started off his career with a background of a salesman at a beach application store. His first venture into the medical supplies business commenced in a garage and slowly climbed up to be a fully fledged business covering Southern California meaning major cities such as Los Angeles. With the company growing big Jim’s role moved from sales rep to sales manager to now in a position where he focuses into the whole companies operations. Jim had adopted a business model which ensured the company to be in the profit side of the margin. Then there was the Jim’s sales commission policies which clearly stated how the commission percentage was set. He also had a major list which stated how the sales commission would be structured. Everything seemed fine till Jim employed his most recent and the youngest sales employee, a young business grad female person, named Nicole Landis. Nicole was very good at her job as a sales rep and brought a different meaning of the sales commission. She worked hard and climbed up the ladder in making more revenues for Jim and consequently commission for herself. Jim saw his projected figures going up my immense degree and was glad he made the decision in hiring Nicole but as time passed, Nicole’s achievement increased so did the negative perception by the other employees. Soon came a scenario where Jim realized his sales force was in jeopardy and he had failed in the sales manager’s role. Case Analysis
Nicole Landis, the youngest sales person in Jim’s

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