Overcoming Fear of Speaking

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How many of you would consider yourself brave? Self Confident?

"There are two types of speakers: Those that are nervous, and those that are liars." Mark Twain.


Just imagine yourself being in front of thousands of people. Giving a presentation on how to live a better life, and a happier one. People are chearing, laughing, and having a great time. The presentation ends with a standing ovation and you feel on top of the world, inconquerable. To think you were once worried about public speaking, but no more. Thanks to your improved speaking you are much more confident person.

Unfortunately this is just a dream, and you must face reality.

Do you have problems with public speaking ? If you fear the spotlight, you are not alone.

3 out of 4 people have some form of stage fright, ranging from small worries to physically disabiling symptoms, such as vommiting. This fear is known as Glossophobia.

This goes for everyone, including those who have to give numerous speeches every year. Barack Obama, for example, who speaks in front of millions and millions of people, will admit that deep down he is often afraid when giving speeches. The reason he has become such a great public speaker is because of practice. He has given so many speeches throughout the course of his life, that rarely, does he ever start to second guess or give into his fears.

And today you have a unique opportunity, because we are going to tell you some useful tips how to overcome your stage fright and become a successful public speaker.
The first step in solving a problem, is admitting a problem. So in order to over come your fear of public speaking, you must first identify with it. Here are some common symptoms: dry mouth, sweaty and shaky hands, fast pulse, trembling lips and so on. But there are merely physical symptoms, only you will ever truly know if you suffer from stage fright. So be open, be honest, and listen to the important information we are about to present you with to help conquer you fear once and for all.

Main part

First of all you should know that preparation is critical. Never underestimate how important good preparation is to reducing your anxiety. When you know what you want to accomplish, what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it, you will be less anxious. Mark Twain claimed it took him three weeks to prepare an "impromptu" speech. Another great speaker, Winston Churchill, said it took him six to eight hours to prepare a 45-minute presentation. Here are two important rules for preparing your presentation.

1: Know your topic. Audiences can sense when you are bluffing, and when they feel you are unsure of your material, they lose confidence in you. Being unprepared also makes you, the speaker, anxious. If you give any type of speech, you should be an expert about its topic.

2: Imagine questions people might ask. Come up with answers before you give your speech. Either incorporate the answers into your presentation or hold them in readiness in case those questions are asked. For example, many corporate leaders and public people use this technique when planning to meet the press. A day or two before the press conference, leaders are briefed by staff about likely questions and possible answers. That review makes them more confident. They feel better prepared.If they do so and it really helps, try to do it too. 3. Memorize the first minute of your presentation.

You experience your greatest anxiety at the beginning of a speech. Having the start of your presentation memorized makes you more comfortable. You also may want to memorize the last minute of your presentation in order to conclude with conviction.

Don't stick with the 'usual'

People with stage fright often have very rigid expections about what makes a good presentation. "every good speech starts with a joke." An anxious scientist believed that "all...
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