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Outside Speaker
My family and I decided to go to church on Sunday November 17th for reason of not going for a long time because of our busy lifestyles. We go to First Lutheran Church right here in Marshall, MN. Recently the church got a new pastor named Scott Fuller. Since my family is not morning people we went to the 10 o'clock service instead of the 8 o'clock service that Sunday. The theme for the church service was “make a joyful noise unto the lord” (Psalm 100:1). With the theme being about music, Pastor Fuller incorporated music into his preaching's with songs about the love of god through praising and giving thanks. The message of that day happened to be community grows through shared interest in music that lifts God’s spirit.

Music is the language of our souls; it allows us to feel many emotions that can be shared with those around you. According to Pastor Fuller, "Music changes your soul and balances your consciousness." I agree solemnly with this statement that your soul can be balanced through the sound of music. Pastor Fuller’s sermon began with asking the audience what emotions you feel when building creations through music. I thought that was a great attention grabber, because it allowed the audience to be involved with the message of the day. After the audience’s interaction to the question, Pastor Fuller went into a song, called “When Long Before Time”, which explains the meaning of us as creation of Gods music through our common interest of embracing God's love. The song was very interesting to hear and fun to sing along with everyone who was there in church. The rest of his sermon related to the theme of music is joyful unto the lord. I feel that Pastor Fuller failed to affect me in his sermon because his transitions of the topics he talked about were weak. His transitions seemed to blur together and I had a hard time following his sermon. The only thing that interested me was the use of music and songs during the sermon.

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