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Strategies for Selecting a Topic

Complete the following table.

What two objects, people, subjects, or concepts are you going to compare and contrast? Home School vs. Public Education
What are the similarities between the two objects, people, subjects, or concepts? List as many similarities that you can think of. Learning, working yourself towards a diploma to a better future, material used is the same (textbooks, quizzes, test) What are the differences between the two objects, people, subjects, or concepts? List as many differences that you can think of. Homeschool you get more one on one help and attention, greater social interaction in public schools, fights and bullying aren’t as likely in homeschool, flexibility in schedules Are you going to focus on similarities, differences, or both? Explain your rationale. I think it’s important to focus on both I believe there are more difference than similarities when it comes to homeschool vs. public school What do you want your readers to learn and understand after reading your essay? What is the purpose of your essay? The purpose is to show that while homeschool and public schools are different they both have their positive benefits and you have to choose the one that best suits you and your family. What three parallel points of comparison or contrast will you address in your essay?

For example, if you were going to compare and contrast two teachers, your three parallel points might be these:

Each teacher’s homework policy
Each teacher’s classroom conduct policy
Each teacher’s demeanor
Social Interaction
Flexibility of schedule and submitting assignments.
Bullying Issues
Explain why this is an appropriate and workable topic selection for the final assignment. This topic is appropriate for me because my husband and I have actually been discussing moving our children from public to home school due to my child being bullied by an older...
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