Outline Ans Assess the View That Malles Underachieve Than Girls

Topics: Gender, Girl, Female Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Outline and assess that males underachieve in education than girls Throughout time there has been a switch in gender success throughout education in the late 1980s underachievement by girls was common they were less likely to obtain one or more A-level than boys or even go into higher education. However coming up to the late 1990s there was a sudden setback that now girls are doing better than boys who are now underachieving. The reason into why males underachieve in education than females can be related to the “gender quake” such sociologist Wilkinson 1994 refers to “genderquake” whereby young women are increasingly striving for a fulfilling career this could be because women now have more opportunity. As recent figures (2005) have shown that double the number of women entering higher status careers such as medicine and law. Arnot (2004) found that pupils adopted private learning strategies such as asking teacher questions after lesson to improve their understanding .Evidence also shows that women are more likely to revise more effectively they do not leave it to last minute. However males poor examination performance is excused away they blame external factors such as quality of teaching or claim that the wrong question came up in the exam .And are more likely to give up whereas for poor examinations females are more likely to blame themselves and therefor are more motivated to do better next time. Research also shows that from the age of 6 girl read more books than boys and this tends to continue through their lives.Girls are 3 times more likely to borrow book form the public library (book marketing limited 2000) Other sociologist such as and Robert suggest male underachievement is linked to a crisis of masculinity. Males pupils are sensing wider changes in society and the growing opportunities and confidence of females generally. Even before males leaving school some are picking up the message that women do not need a man .Such ideas can be...
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