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Our lyceum is quite new, it was founded in 1992 and first was known as polytechnical. Actually, it was the first lyceum in Gomel region. Now Gomel City Lyceum #1 is one of the most popular educational establishments in our city. It is situated in Khmelnitsky Street in a three-storey building, old, grey and rather gloomy outside, but quite bright and lively inside. Here students of upper classes study profound courses of maths, physics, chemistry and biology, that means, there are two departments nowadays. Each class consists of 20 students, but they are divided into 2 or 3 parts for some subjects. We have 2 language classrooms, 2 computer classrooms, a large audience hall, a well-stuffed library, a cloak-room, a nice canteen. Unfortunately, we have no gym, but our lyceum rents one, or we have PT lessons outdoors. Several classrooms have been recently redecorated, for example, Belarusian, Russian and English studies, a maths study has been equipped with an interactive board, there are 2 notebooks and a multimedia system that are widely used for different purposes.

If you want to enter the lyceum you have to take entrance exams in maths and physics or chemistry and biology, according to the department you have chosen, after you’ve finished basic school. Students study here for 2 years.

To study here is more difficult than at school, but more interesting, too, because most students have a desire to study, which you can hardly find in an ordinary school nowadays. Our students often win regional, republican, even international Olympiads in different subjects. Besides, our lyceum has its own traditions. Every year several challenge prizes are awarded. The pear is given to the class that wins the Fresher’s Contest. The apple is given to the class that has the highest estimation level of the year, the best student is awarded with the spotlight. The most united class is awarded with the grapes. The most creative student is awarded with the...
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